Memorable Events

There are many different life events that would go great with a limo bus. For example: weddings, bachelorette and bachelor parties, sports games and more. There is no limitation on what you could use a limo bus for. You could even just rent one and drive around in it for the rental time. Take a look at the events below for a further explanation about the event and how having a limo bus would be better.


Weddings are a very important time. You promise someone that you will stay with them through sickness and through health. You only want the best for your wedding. Well Limousine Cincinnati is the best at transportation. No matter who is riding or where they are going, they will get there safely and on time. You can expect that nothing will go wrong so that it is one less thing you have to worry about.

Being a bride or groom can be very stressful, especially the day of your wedding. You want to be able to enjoy yourself but you have to make sure that everything is happening correctly. Let us handle the transportation so that you and your guests can focus on having fun and making memories. We can pick you and your wedding party up and take you to the ceremony on time so that you can get married.

If you would like to have guest transportation, we are great for that! Maybe your ceremony is out of town or kind of hard to find. You won't have to send out directions if you have them meet in a well known location and have a limo bus take them. No one will get lost and everyone you care about will be there on time to see your wedding.

Wedding season is an extremely bust season for us. We get lots of weddings, bachelorette parties and bachelor parties scheduled. If you would like a limo bus, make sure you call well in advance so that you have the bus for your event.

We have some great information on finding the right wedding photographer and videographer in Cincinnati.

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Bachelorette Parties

Are you preparing to walk down the aisle? We know that you need one last day to say goodbye to the single life. Get your bridesmaids to throw you a bachelorette party. The options for this party are endless. You can get pampered in a salon or nail parlor or have drinks in a bar or dance the night away in a club. You can do one or you can do it all. If you are traveling anywhere, you are going to need a way to transport all the guests. A limo bus from Limousine Cincinnati can do just that.

The chauffeur can take you and the guests where ever you want. You will be safe because you won't have to worry about driving while intoxicated. What can be better than that? Our buses are full of amenities that are sure to continue the party in between stops. Dancing room, dancing poles, stereos, lights and bars are just some of what you can enjoy. Call us today!

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Bachelor Parties

We know that you are going to have one last hurrah before getting married. You are saying goodbye to your bachelor lifestyle. There are lots of options of what a bachelor party may involve. We have all seen the movies of the crazy bachelor parties. Whether you want a crazy bachelor party or a laid back bachelor party, let Limousine Cincinnati take you where ever the party goes. There are stripper poles in some of the buses if that is how you want the party to go.

Strip clubs, bars, clubs, casinos, golf courses. Those are just some of the options of where one could have their bachelor party. You will be able to drink and enjoy yourselves before watching your beautiful bride walk down the aisle.

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Sports Games

Sports are a big deal in Cincinnati. Everyone is a fan of some team when they live in Cincinnati. Whether they are a fan of the Reds at the Great American Ball Park or a fan of the Bengals at the Paul Brown Stadium, they are loud and proud. No matter the age, they know when a sport game is on. Many people wouldn't think of having a limo bus for when they are going to the game, but it's actually a great idea.

In Cincinnati, Opening Day is considered a holiday. So whether it is opening day or a regular game, having a limo bus from Limousine Cincinnati will make the memories even better. When you have a large group of either friends or family members wanting to go to the game, you would have to have multiple cars so fit everyone. With a limo bus, everyone can go together and enjoy themselves.

To and from the game is usually filled with being stuck in traffic and finding a parking spot. That can result is getting annoyed, stressed and angry. A limo bus comes with a chauffeur. That means that no one has to drive and get angry. You and your guests will be able to enjoy themselves in the bus on the way to and from the game.

Are you going to tailgate? Tailgating in a limo bus is way fun. There are coolers in the buses where you can put your favorite drinks or food for the grill. You will turn heads when people see you and your group tailgating in a limo bus. For the next game you have tickets to, make sure you get a limo bus. You can have all the fun without the worry of traffic and other hassles.

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Nights Out

There are many different places you can go for a night out. Cincinnati is full of music venues, clubs, and bars for people to go to and have fun. If you want a night out, get your friends together and call Limousine Cincinnati.

You feel like dancing? Hitting up a club can fix that dancing urge. Getting a limo bus will allow you to start dancing and having fun, the moment you hit the road. Best of all, you and your guests can drink till your hearts content because your chauffeur will be your designated driver.

Want to relax, relieve some stress and have a drink or two? Going to a bar can do just that. There are options from dive bars to fancy lounges to choose from. You will be able to drink as much as you want because the limo bus is your ticket home. You can get where ever you need to be safely, no matter how many drinks you had.

For your next night out on the town, give Limousine Cincinnati a call. We would love to be your designated driver for your night on the town. Call us today!

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People in Cincinnati know how to party. There are lots of different types of parties one can have. Limousine Cincinnati can add life to your parties with continuing the party on wheels. So find a reason to party, get your friends and family members together and get ready to have a great time.

Birthday parties are a very popular reason one gets a limo bus. You can party on the way to and from the destinations of your party. The chauffeur will take you and your group to all the hot spots so that you can celebrate in style. There is no need to worry about a designated driver or driving while intoxicated because the chauffeur will get you and your guests home, safe and sound.

Haunted House tours are another great way to make use of our limousines and limo buses. The spooky attractions will make your night as fun as possible, and our vehicles will relax you throughout the night!

Office parties allows everyone to relax and relieve the stress from work. You may even get to see your co workers go a little crazy from the alcohol most parties has. If you are a boss, you can ensure that your employees can party safely while having a great time. Let your workers relax so that they can come back into work with a fresh face.

Proms are a major night in a high school students life. They give the teens a chance to pamper themselves for a night of fun. The night starts off with taking photos. Then once they get on the bus, the dancing can begin. After the dance, they can be driven to an after party or home. As parents, we know that you want your kids to be safe. With a professional chauffeur, your kids can't be in better hands. Your kids will love you if you get a limo bus for them. Call today!

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