Cincinnati Haunted Houses

Alright, let's be honest with one another. What type of haunted house have you been to in the past? Have you ever been handcuffed or water-boarded or tied up and stuffed in a coffin? Probably not. But if this Halloween you are seeking a great thrill level than the cheesy venues you have always visited, we have some suggestions for you. Now keep in mind that in order to experience something as intense as we are talking about, you are going to have a pay a bit more. But if you are a true thrill seeker, you won't mind that fact. Other than the money factor however, there are some specific elements that you need to be on the lookout for as you search throughout the Cincinnati area for a venue which will have your heart racing for days afterwards.

We understand what you are on the lookout for. You are seeking something that is so disturbing that you will never sleep another night without a nightmare. Well, in order to make sure that you get what you wish for, the first thing you need to seek out is a haunted house that makes you sign a waiver before you enter. Think about it, if you are contractually binding yourself to allow yourself to be bound, screamed at and have hours poured down your throat, then we have to say that you are a very serious thrill seeker. No longer are you just going to turn a corner and have someone in a rubber mask jump out at you. You are in the big leagues now. Another element that usually goes along with an extreme haunted house is a safe word. This is a word that you are given before you enter that you can scream out if you feel that you just can't go on. The problem, of course, with this setup is that it can be extremely difficult to utter the safe word when you are being suffocated or hyper ventilating.

You have to keep your goal in mind during your search. You are not simply looking for a fun house, what you are looking for is a true chamber of horrors. You are looking for something that will test your limits. This isn't even about ghosts and ghouls or the supernatural. This is about insanity and how much you can take. The new trend in these extreme experiences calls for more of psychological manipulation than anything else. Very little is off limits. Have we talked about being unsure if you even know where you are at most of the time in your walk through. By this we mean you should be looking for a venue that includes a manipulation of the senses where you lose all knowledge of where you are or where you are going.

There is one last aspect that we need to discuss as you search for the perfect haunted house for your horrifying evening. Look for realism. The more authentic the look and feel of everything, the more you will be shaking in your boots. This idea of realism is even better if it includes connections with real life serial killers or demented souls from history. For instance, great nightmares can come from walking through rooms associated with individuals such as Ed Gein, Charles Manson and David Berkowitz. There are houses where individual rooms are setup bringing you the life of times of these demented soul. And because these are real people who you know have done sick acts for real, this can be much more unnerving than something that is made up. We hope this guide helps you in finding the most horrible experience out there, you deserve nothing less.