Questions & Answers

Can we smoke on the buses?

We don't allow for smoking on the vehicles in order for them to keep a clean appearance and fresh smell. You have unlimited stops so you can take a smoke break when needed.

Can we drink on board?

Yes! Drink to your hearts delight, after all, it is a special event! If there are those who are under 21 years of age, there cannot be any alcohol on board.

Are buses kid friendly?

Buses are kid friendly but there's no seat belts or forward facing seats. If there are those who are under 21 years of age, there cannot be any alcohol on board.

Are there bathrooms on the buses?

There are no bathrooms. You can take bathrooms breaks when needed with the unlimited stops.

Can we see you insurance and state paperwork?

Of course! We don't have anything to hide from you. If you would like to see them, just tell us and we will send you a copy.

Can I cancel my reservation?

No, you may not. Once you have reserved you vehicle, you must pay for the service, if you used it or not. You cannot change the date of your reservation, but you might be able to change the time or the vehicle, depending on availability.

Are we allowed to bring food on the vehicles?

Just as long as you don't make a mess. If there is a mess to clean up, you may be charged a cleaning fee.

Are there any hidden fees?

We do not hide anything from you. You will know of all potential charges when you make your reservation.

When is the best time to call to make a reservation?

Whether you have questions or would like to make reservations, the best time to call is when the time is right for you. We can take your calls every hour of every day.

What if we stay past our reservation time?

That's okay. There's no punishment. If you're having fun and want to stay out later, that's fine with us. You'll just be charged your normal rate.

Do we tip the drivers?

You don't have to tip, but the drivers would appreciate it. We'll tell you that if you liked the service and want to show thanks, a tip is a good way. If you got bad service, then don't tip them. Tips are usually about $50-100 when the drivers do get tipped.