Cincinnati Wedding Photographers

Your wedding is a once in a lifetime occasion. And we realize that you want your big day given the respect and honor that it deserves. And this means finding a professional photographer that can record those precious moments. But the key to wedding photography is that you only get one bite at the apple. You cannot take a mulligan. So you need to get this choice right because the stakes are high. The Cincinnati area has some great photographers for you to consider but it also has some subpar candidates. We are here to try and guarantee that you find someone that you will be more than satisfied with. Here is a brief guide on how to make that happen.

Let's talk about when you should start your search. We recommend that you start your search as early as possible. When it comes to the really good ones, their calendar fills up rather quickly so the earlier you search, the better chance that you have one getting one of the high quality candidates. Where is a good place to start? There are a number of avenues. You can always ask your circle of friends, family and coworkers about potential photographers they may have met or seen work at a wedding.. You can check out wedding websites and blogs for information. Or you can ask any other wedding vendors that you may have already booked. This is always a great source because they are in the business and have probably seen hundreds of photographers come and go through wedding venues. Once you have some potential names, look at their online portfolios for their style, talent, and quality. Do you like what you see? Does their style seem to mesh with yours? Do you like their use of camera effects and are the images in perfect focus? Are they able to catch the subjects when they are relaxed? What about the composition?

Once you have gathered a short list of potential photographers, you need to find out if they have your wedding date available. For the ones that do, you will want to ask for a face-to-face meeting. Talk to them about what they consider to be their style. What do they feel sets them apart from their competitors? Do they have a standard shot list they use or are they open to your suggestions as to shots you would like to have added? We highly recommend a second shooter. Find out if that is an option and how much more one would cost. There is no way that one shooter could capture everything that you might like to see. The beautiful thing about a second shooter is that they can provide you with unique shots from unique angles. Make sure that you see two full wedding shoots, not just wedding albums. This will show you how they like to operate while moving around the wedding scene. Make sure that you actually like the person you are interviewing? If you are going to be working close together for the entire day, you might as well enjoy the interaction. Ask for at least five references and follow up with each one. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Ask to see their package deals. Do you see one that you really like? Is there anything not in the package that you would like to see? Will they allow customizing? Are there any extra hidden fees that are not included in the package fee? One line item that you really want to be sure of is the number of shooting hours. Make sure that you are ordering enough for your entire day or at least the portion that you want covered. Once you are finished with all of your interviewing, ask yourself which candidate impressed you the most and seems to meet all or most of your needs and wants. Ask them for a contract, read it thoroughly and then enjoy every moment of your big day as your professional photographer makes sure that your special moments will be preserved.

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